There is a two bottle minimum for each order. Please note that magnums count as two bottles for shipping calculations. Please note that magnums do count as two bottles for shipping fees.


Shipping Update: Please note that summer temperatures are already here!
We're experiencing very hot temperatures throughout California and parts of the US. Your order will be processed at the time it is submitted to secure your wines however your shipment may be delayed depending on the weather and were we are shipping to. Not only do we monitor the weather where the shipment is going but also the temperatures it travels through to get to you and we don't ship when it's too hot to safely do so. Out of state shipments will likely be delayed until we see cooler weather in the fall.
If you have any questions, please contact us prior to placing your order:

Maddie's Direct Line: 805-286-1024 or Main Office: 805-238-4999. 


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