Affairs of the Vine - The Cabernet Sauvignon Shootout - Sept. 2009

Affairs of the Vine - The Cabernet Sauvignon Shootout - Sept. 2009

The 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Shootout began with a series of blind tastings over a six week period as the wines were tasted in groups of 32 wines per session. The top wines were then tasted blind to determine the best of the best.

The final tasting was held at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Our professional panel brought their experienced palates and love of Cabernet to this task. One thing that all of these wines have in common is balance. It is the quality that we look for when tasting and evaluating wines both for immediate consumption and long term aging.

The tasting panels was comprised of a diverse range of wine industry professionals from varying disciplines including restaurant and retail trade, winemakers, wine writers, wine educators, and viticulturalists.

The process and manner utilized by Affairs of the Vine for assessing and judging the entries is unique within competitions in that it employed the following procedures:

  • All wines were tasted blind. (How could you ever do it differently?)
  • All wines were tasted without reference to producer, appellation, vintage or price.
  • Each wine was judged and reviewed on its own merit.
  • The wines were rated using a 100 point scale. The wines were placed into flights and evaluated by a team of judges. The top 64 wines selected by the team of judges were then submitted to our panel for review. Our panel was divided into two teams and each team reviewed only 32 wines.

All wines reviewed indicate a numerical score and are recommended "from the heart" with the additional reference of s designating the following:
= Love at First Sip
= An Affair to Remember
= Will Provide Fond Memories

The 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Shootout ÉCLUSE RESULTS!!

2006 Écluse “Ensemble”

Rating: 95 Points = "Love at First Sip"
Female: Inky in color. This is a very masculine wine - dark, deep and dry. The mouth-feel is satiny through mid-palate. Tannins join in and carry through the finish. This could be "red velvet" with maturity.

Male: Mint, herbs and blackberry aromas with hints of spice, Broad black fruit flavors on opening through mid-palate where the tannins kick-in. The finish is tight. Should age well.

2005 Écluse Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Lock Vineyard

Rating: 94 Points = "Love at First Sip"
Female: Brooding aromas of dark cherry, campfire and cocoa lead to big dark berry flavors highlighted by chocolate, tobacco and olive notes. Licorice on the intriguing finish of this well made wine. Pair with a grilled rosemary steak.

Male: Cherry, berry and vanilla aromas and flavors. Inviting. This Cabernet Sauvignon has a generous concentration of mouthwatering fruit and soft tannins. A well made wine with great potential.

2006 Écluse Cabernet Sauvignon Lock Vineyard

Rating: 92 Points = "Love at First Sip"
Female: Big, rich meaty notes on the nose delivering tons of dry blackberry and bramble flavors. Good tannins that don't overpower. A BIG STEAK WINE! This one's a crowd pleaser.

Male: Pleasant nose of crushed berries. Lovely soft tannins balance the blackberry and plum fruit. Enjoy this with grilled lamb chops.

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